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Turducken ANSYS and Hypermesh

Updated: Feb 24

Course: ME408 Computer-Aided Engineering with Prof. Bondi

Purpose: Learn how to use Altair Hypermesh to mesh complex geometries and run thermal analysis simulations using ANSYS Mechanical Workbench

Properly cooking a turducken is a very meticulous process. For this assignment, my team and I developed Skewers4Dummies which are a set of skewers designed to cook a turducken efficiently. The skewers were modeled in CAD to fit the assignment constraints, meshed in Hypermesh to accurately depict the geometries, and analyzed in ANSYS Workbench to observe cook times and percent of turducken burned.

ANSYS Workbench was used to model transient thermal effects:

The final report is attached as a PDF.

ME408 Turducken Andy Ginger Kam Zack
Download PDF • 9.06MB

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